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Nannies, Babysitters, and Maids in Korea

Updated 8 July 2014

Here are some suggestions on things you should think about when hiring a babysitter, nanny, or maid.

Recommended Websites
Who Can Help
The Seoul Global Center and the Migrant Centers have people who speak English. You can find their contact info in the post, useful phone numbers.

You're usually going to be paying between 8,000 and 10,000 won an hour, some charge up to 15,000 an hour. If your nanny charges 10,000 an hour and you have her for 45 hours a week that's 1.8 mil a month.

Sponsoring a Nanny 
Here is Korea where laws and rules aren't black or white. I called 1345 and asked what was needed and below you can find the four requirements. It all depends on the immigration office (Suwon is supposed to be one of the worst), the immigration officer, and whether it's a blue moon or not ;)

Sponsoring a nanny is usually cheaper than paying per hour but you have to have a high annual income. Filipina nannies are about 800,000-1. mil (depending on experience). You'll need to find a nanny and process paperwork through the Korean embassy where they live as well as work with your local immigration office. It usually takes about 2-3 months.
  1. You have to make three times the annual income in Korea ($29,489) so that means you need to make $88,467. Some other people have said that's not true and either your annual income must be 3 times higher than the nanny's salary OR 3 times higher than 25 Million, which is the average income in Korea.
  2. You have to have a child under 13 years old or a sick spouse. 
  3. The nanny has to be between 20-58 years old. 
  4. The nanny has to have at least graduated from middle school. 
You need these docs.
  1. Copy of nanny's passport 
  2. Certificate of nanny's diploma or degree
  3. Employment contract between employer and nanny (you can get a sample from the Flipino embassy or online) 
  4. Copy of your ARC (registration card) 
  5. Verification of your employment (your contract and a pay slip) 
  6. Invoice of your withholding tax (you get this from your employer) 
  7. Guarantee letter (can be retrieved on 
  8. Application form (can be retrieved on 
Once you have all documents, you go to the Immigration office to apply for a visa. You can also go to or call 1345.  
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